Wealthy Observations

The point of life is to make life better and enjoy the process.

Accrual of resource is byproduct of investing energy into things that give you more energy.

There are a million ways to a million dollars but far fewer pathways to fulfillment.

All roads lead forward but you get to decide whether they are enjoyable or not.

There is no “wrong” there is only right — either directly or through inversion.

The past contains lessons (not mistakes) and so long as they are useful you can keep them. Warning: nothing is more dangerous than hanging on to the wrong lessons from a past season.

Comparison steals and never builds, be careful comparing both up and down as both bring regression.

Not everything worth doing will make you rich at first — things that last forever take a long time to create.

Expedience is not a virtue, it’s a drug; beware the addiction.

Winning comes from outpacing the previous version of yourself in the area you have decided to focus on. Single-source attribution of success is responsible for a lot of failure.

Failure is a gateway, you must learn to walk through it.

If your goal becomes “escape” you will be unhappy even when you escape. Find things that make you want to engage not escape — according to this principle, most people own businesses that they should be getting rid of.

Productivity is a vanity metric. Better to spend 10 years doing something useful than “productively” achieve output that does not matter.

99% of your happiness is coming from 1% of your thoughts, activities & projects — double down, then double down, then finally double down again… what you will build when you are passionately engaged will dwarf anything you built just because you had to.

Love you,

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