What does Peak State feel like?

Friday, May 17 2024

What does it FEEL like to be at your “best?”

There is a signature to it. When you drive into a city there is a geographical signature. Not every place looks the same.

This feeling follows similar structure.

Everyone has a peak ‘state' where everything is flow. What feels like labor is really the warming up to peak state. Once you're in peak state, it's all easy…

For me:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Exercising
  • Prayer

How do you know you are at your “best?”

When these things feel good to do.

Professionals know how to do them even when they don't feel good. Warmups and routines exist to prime you so that the important work doesn't feel like work.

Get the work out of the way and then have fun doing what matters the most.

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