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Who is Taylor?

Taylor is a real estate investor & business consultant. His companies have serviced over 50,000 individual small businesses in the last 5 years.

He is a dynamic & energetic speaker who not only enjoys playing the game of business but teaching it also. Check out the site or click here for the latest articles.

Wealthcap is a real estate holdings company that specializes in single family residential real estate across the United States. The firm privately owned and operated by Taylor & his business partner and holds a diversified portfolio of properties in Missouri, Alabama and North Carolina.
Traffic And Funnels is a global consulting firm specializing in paid and organic advertising strategies for client-based small businesses.
Intelligent Advertiser is a media buying firm that recruits & develops talent for a suite of online advertising services, including YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn paid media.
Sales Mentor is a sales training and staffing organization specializing in training phone-based sales reps for online companies.

The Consultant Next Door

What happens when you go from zero to 8 figures and then MULTIPLE 8 figures at warp speed? People start asking questions! Taylor’s first consultancy, Traffic And Funnels, started hosting events in 2019 where people from all over could gather to get coaching on how to grow the way Taylor and his business partner, Chris, grew.

After about a dozen events, Taylor felt that he could write a book, and distill hundreds of hours of powerful coaching and marketing frameworks, into just the most powerful lessons. The book, “The Consultant Next Door,” has become a hit for startups & scaling firms all over the world.

Latest Episodes

Daily Business Podcast

Your life – over the long haul – is a sum weighted reflection of your choices. I developed this podcast to help you THINK well, and improve the quality of your choices one day at a time. Latest episodes below.

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Founder's Story

In 2001, Taylor attended his first “business seminar.” He was 12 years old and was, in his own words, “forced to attend” by his father. Taylor didn’t want to be an entrepreneur or start a business early on — his dream? To work at a church, he wanted to be a pastor. “That dream came true,” he says, “and for the first time I experienced what so many people experience later on in life: the thing you always wanted, after you get it, you don’t want it.”

After just 2 years on staff at a church in Memphis, TN he transitioned into real estate and built systems that are still in use today to manage 6,000+ single family, residential income properties. “It was difficult work,” he says, “and I was good at it… but after a few years it was time to move on.” He says his goal was to become a freelance advertiser and make 6-figures a year doing what he loved: advertising. Within 12 months, he had eclipsed 7-figures… a few months after that, 7-figures a month.

Today, his companies help thousands of people all over the world develop businesses, lead more fulfilled lives, and multiply net worth through real estate. He and his business partner have built an 8-figure portfolio of businesses and assets that are making life better for everyone they come into contact with. But like he always says, “the best days are ahead, not behind.


"What you've built in such a short amount of time is incredible. It's multi-faceted. And I know you guys play it low key... but you put the work in, and you've done it the right way."
Ryan Levesque
“I can’t think of anyone who has blown up the way that they (Traffic & Funnels™) have in the amount of time that they have done it.”
Kevin Rogers
Copy Chief
"Two [Taylor & Chris] very dedicated and impressive, talented experts who really do not grasp the magnitude of what they do for others and how they reach others and how many ways they could articulate it so others would trust and respond."
Jay Abraham
“You guys are WORLD CLASS marketers...”
Dan Martell


The challenge with social media today is you can “fake it.” That’s why Taylor encourages you to assess and RANK a person’s LONGEVITY before you take everything they say at face value. For years, Taylor has posted his recipes about life, business, relationships, investing & fulfillment via his social media.

“I remember a time that was very difficult for me,” he recalls, “in 2018 — and I would go to this person’s Facebook feed and read their posts… and it gave me perseverance & energy. I decided that I was going to do the same thing for other people.” Since then he’s been consistently depositing the lessons he’s learned, almost daily, to the people who follow him. Check out his Facebook below.


Don’t just look at the people at the top - look at what they did THEN that created who they are NOW. What you’ll find is that most of them had to use risk wisely at the beginning, and most of them did NOT get what they wanted the first go around.

Taylor Welch

Founder of Wealth Cap Holdings & Traffic and Funnels | Teaching Entrepreneurs Proven Techniques to Grow Their Businesses | Podcast Host (x3) | Author of Two Books | Husband & Father

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I love it when practitioners write books. Not theorists. Not researchers. But people in the trenches. There's a lot of meat in this book. If you can't take the tactical lessons just from pages 95-104 alone and dramatically change the impact of your messaging, you might need to look for a new career. Get your highlighter ready!
Todd Herman
WSJ Bestselling Author, / The Alter Ego Effect & Inc. 500 CEO
Taylor Welch is one of the smartest guys I know! A lot of folks would pigeonhole him into being great with sales and marketing, but what I would say is, "They don’t know him." Great at sales and marketing? Yes. Savant in Business? 100% But more importantly, an incredible human. I highly recommend you read and watch everything he puts out.
Pete Vargas
Founder, Advance Your Reach & Rise Up World