The Crux of Responsibility

The moral of this story is simple: when an animal depends on owner for food, its wit will be taken away, and then it will be in trouble. The same situation applies to human beings. If you want to disable a person, just give him a pair of crutches. Then wait for a few months to achieve your goal. In other words, if you give someone a free lunch for a certain period, he/she will develop the habit of getting something for nothing.

John Rockefeller

There is a secret I want to share with you.

This secret has been passed down for hundreds of generations — orally at first, then written, hidden in the scribes and scrolls of our ancestors. At first it was common knowledge, then it was protected. Placed under the constant protection of lock & key.


Because knowledge gives a man power over his enemies.

If you want to starve out an enemy for a month, set up a siege and cut off their food supply. If you want to starve out an enemy for a thousand years and counting, set up a siege and cut off their access to information.

Knowledge is power.

Here is the secret: your level of power is tied, almost directly, to your level of self-inflicted responsibility. Nobody wants it to be “their fault” anymore. But the masters at the top place almost everything in the “my fault” category.

The things I take responsibility for, I create power over.

Now let’s not get this confused. A percentage of your life will never fully be within your power. You can’t control another person’s moods, who the President is (not directly anyway), whether someone likes you or not, etc… but you can control how you these things make you feel — that is a form of control.

Last week I presented for a full day on a set of new curriculum called “Belief Architecture.” We are turning it into a certification that will arm and equip you to take back the reigns of your own life. With the right frameworks — how you feel is completely up to you…

Killing the ancient foe

It is impossible to have a good life if your life is too easy.

My body of work largely suggests that reaching PEAK levels of influence requires going through peak levels of madness. You develop defensibility by being shot at. You develop weaponry by needing weapons in the first place. I don’t mean physical weapons — I mean mental & emotional.

The greatest things you will ever accomplish will require long & consistent effort deployed against challenging, difficult problems. The assets I spend time creating are simply designed to help fortify your mind so you can push longer and harder in the right direction.

The main ENEMY of your potential is not the threats you’re staring down the barrel at — the main enemy is your comfort. The craving for life to be easier than it is. It’s okay to crave “simple.” It is not okay to crave “easy.” Watch yourself, as the mind is a master manipulator.

Today’s environment breeds weak, complacent men and women because they are easier to control, easier to subdue, and easier to kill.

You are not to be this person.

An easy path to forging tougher mettle is to develop a bigger goal. Something so large that your temporary problems seem small in comparison. Only those with small goals and small targets are thrown off course by the small problems.

Keep in mind that what you accomplish and what I accomplish come down to our ability to stay in the game. The larger the goal, the longer our runways are.

Talk soon,

Taylor Welch
Welch Equities LLC

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