Look to the future

Here’s a good quote:

“Those who suffer for others do more damage to humanity than those who enjoy themselves.”

– Petrini

Yesterday I was on a walk and talk processing through a business that I need some clarity on.

Not everything I do works, at least not right away.

If I stick with them long enough they get traction but sometimes, usually when I get disconnected from the vision, I lose energy. If I do too many things at a once, I will lose traction. There are rules to performance — none of us are entitled to it.

Yesterday, I was walking and praying about one brand that is a very small business with potential BIG upside.

I was a bit frustrated.

The original vision I had was changing — it’s been changed a few times. I was asking “Why would you give me a vision for something then it require changing before hitting its potential?”

Maybe I’m weird but I pray about things like this.

My best ideas don’t come sitting in a cave with whiskey. They usually come from walking and praying about something. God’s smarter than I am so it makes sense if you think about it.

Here is what I heard:

“I will give you more vision as soon as you stop craving where you came from.”


Here’s where it hits:

Anytime you crave what’s in your past it shows you don’t trust God for what’s in your future. Israelites did it. WE do it, all the time.

I hadn’t even realized that I was doing that but when I got it, I got it all the way.

A few weeks ago I was on with my mindset/performance coach and I told her, “I am great but I am looking forward to getting back to my weight class.” The statement wasn’t necessarily incorrect.

I was talking about leverage (teams), revenues (another form of leverage), notoriety etc. Sometimes I feel like at this exact moment I am “smaller” than I was at one time.

But size and power do not always mean the same things.

In a small corner of my mind I believed that I needed to “go back” to something to have the power. This will block new things that need to be in your life because our focus is past not future.

And it all came down to trust.

If you REALLY believe your future is bigger, better, etc than your past, you spend almost NO time looking backwards. It’s all forward — maybe it means nothing to you.

But it helped me integrate something important…

In the “MIDDLE” — the temptation is to go back to what felt safe.

More on this…

People pick the dysfunction of ‘safe’ over the clarity & potency of the unknown all the time. Myself included. Advancement comes from being able to let go of what existed back there and step into what is coming.

GROWTH breaks what used to be.

Let it break and grow ❤️

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