Go the distance

Wednesday, May 15 2024

I have realized in key areas that I’m coasting.

After a problem here and a problem there, a “pattern” emerges. If we don’t handle the trend correctly, the pattern becomes a way of life.

I reverted back to some “survival” tendencies because of a series of problems that I had to deal with. But I never reset back to my newer, higher-utility standards.

You have a body, soul, and spirit.

Body is the physical.

Soul is the emotions, heart, and mind.

Spirit is the metaphysical — connection to deity where time is altered and the rules are a mirror opposite of the physical.

When one area suffers, the other two suffer to accommodate it.

There have been seasons where I’ve been strong physically and mentally, but spiritually unfit. Likewise seasons where I’ve been spiritually fit but weak physically or mentally/emotionally.

One area can (and does) drag the others down with it.

A friend texted me yesterday to check on me. He hasn’t seen me operating at my best in an area that I committed to. I thanked him for challenging me up and forward.

It did not create shame or sadness but reminded me that I have more than what I am currently displaying. This may surprise people who think that I am operating at “all cylinders.”

But “all cylinders” is rated on your potential, not other people. And not your past.

The phrase I keep hearing over and over again is this: “Go the distance.”

It’s easy to “not quit” and still not “go the distance.”

I will sharpen up.

Not because I am obligated to. I don’t have to do anything… there is no need that comes from lack or scarcity. I will sharpen up because I want to see what I can do using all cylinders.

Whatever is required, I will do it and a bit more.

The fulfillment that comes as a byproduct of being proud of myself is worth the effort every time.

FULL effort is not about working harder than other people…

It’s about going PAST the mile markers of what is required into the land of obsession.

Going the distance, then add some more because you can.

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