You Decide How Your Business Feels

This is a big revelation. Once followers/prospects become CLIENTS, they are inundated with the philosophy of DESIGN.

In short:

Everything is designable.

Including but not limited to:

✅ How you get clients

✅ How (and why) you publish content

✅ How you service clients (and retain them)

✅ What time you wake up and what you feel when you do 😉

✅ The performance (and enjoyability) of your team

✅ The needed size of your team (big one)

Etc etc…

This Fall we WILL get into team design, because it’s a major piece of the leverage you need when building anything of size.

Next week I’m teaching MDC clients who are in town our “Group Playbook.” In August, I’m teaching on cashflow management for consultants (essentially, how to run your books for maximum LONGEVITY in your financials).

Both are necessary.

One is urgently important (the latter).

But after August, we’ll begin diving into team.

Team allows you to pre-determine, then engineer, a list of “feelings” you want your business to have. A spirit, if you will, that is created & maintained through the way your team treats & stewards your clients and your brand.

A while ago, I sat down and wrote this list out for my businesses:

  • A calm life
  • Relatively chill (nothing urgent)
  • To wake up and do work I really care about doing
  • Completely free from guilt or obligation
  • To be in flow at least 70% of my week (which means, if I don't want to do it, I probably shouldn't)
  • A very small but ridiculously high caliber group of clients who experience life changing results
  • Zero “reactive” energy, all planned ahead and executed on timeline. Proactive effort deployed in a focused, enjoyable way

It's impossible to properly communicate the power of doing this exercise.

Once your mind knows what you’re wanting to create, parts of it will begin to happen automatically.

There are *MANY* ways to grow a business… “more clients” is only one of them and, it’s the most dangerous of the bunch. We are not racing to the biggest client roster, as demonstrated by the fact that we maintain an iron-clad wait list (as we’re doing now) from now until… forever. I have no interest in flooding our organization with clients — ever (re-read the rules above I wrote for myself and you’ll see why).

As I wrote here on Twitter, the costs of scale are real (and should not be taken lightly). It’s more important to know what you want your life to feel like, than what you want it to look like.

P.S. Apologies for the grammatical error in this Tweet. I am a mere mortal.

I’m off to host a quarterly planning meeting and tomorrow we have clients in for an event. I hope you practice this exercise, and re-read this several times.

When you’re done, tell me your #1 takeaway below.

Love you,


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