What should matter (versus what really doesn’t)

We should normalize the following:

  • smaller but better

  • less effort more flow

  • great friends > many acquaintances

  • personal certainty > status

  • more fun less obligation

  • letting go vs life support

  • smarter not harder

  • wake your kids up and tell them they are the best

  • teach your family where you’ve failed not just where you’ve won; my kids know the goal is to try and winning is a long term term byproduct of continuation

  • fewer clients more profit

  • long term RELATIONSHIPS which take work and effort and sometimes let you down, worth it

Life is best when it’s messy.

To sterilize every part of your life is to become something other than human.

If you can learn to be cool when it’s messy you will always win in the long run 🥇

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