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If you don’t know, I run a portfolio of brands in the marketing, advertising, personal finance & real estate space. I run these with my business partner, Chris Evans and we have both become necessarily interested in news pertaining to the financial markets & real estate.

Very soon, we are launching a new brand and I think you are really going to enjoy it.

It will cover a daily digest of anything “market moving.” When I say “market moving,” I mean policies, trends, happenings & updates that apply to the financial marketers, real estate, equities, commodities and small businesses.

Why Now?

I have to pay attention to the world, no matter how ugly it gets. At the moment, that means spending 2-3 hours per day filtering through 90% partisan politics to get to the things that actually matter to me.

Stimulus bills affect my holdings. Blackrock buying single family real estate effects my holdings. If you are a savvy investor, you are likely already subscribed to several magazines and journals — but my goal is to make consumption and filtration easier on people like you and me.

My team & software will consume a dozen reputable news sources, over 30 online publications, 6 hours of podcast news and a handful of proprietary miscellaneous sources — daily.

We will consume and digest the news for you, and send you 2x weekly updates so you can make wise, knowledgeable decisions.

How It Works

Here’s how this affects you: I am going to give you access to this service, for free, if you want it. We have plenty of money and hopefully so do you.

It’s not about whether you can afford it or not because I’m sure you can. This is about building something necessary for me and making it delightful for you to read.

Making it free helps make it more delightful.

At a high level, if a piece of news messes with the financial markets or if I believe it factors into the ”investor news” territory – we will publish light commentary on it, and you will receive it in your digest.

Subscribing is easy…

Go here, put your email in, and #magic — you’re on the list.


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