Money (and other truths)

For every $100, only ~4 dollars exists as printed paper or coins. The remaining $96 exists in business equities, computer storage, banks, etc. 

Money should not be viewed as “tangible” but as value. 

If you can focus on value, money eventually shows up.

Money has preferences, just like anything else — it does not like to be hoarded, it prefers to be deployed & multiplied. Money multiplied is money happy.

Money avoids fear — scarcity & lack, this makes it hard to accrue let alone multiply. Most do not have money because they are afraid of money more than they are attracted to it. 

Whenever you feel you are running out of something, you will reject it. You cannot date someone and constantly be afraid they are going to leave you — most of the circumstances we are afraid of, we create on accident because of energy. See here for more. 

True freedom will not come from money, it will come from purpose. But purpose always calls for money – so you should go ahead and get your money right. 

Chasing increase never leads to increase. Chasing improvement leads to increase. 

Humans respond to all sorts of currency – which means you should widen your view of money to include more than simple cash. 

  • Saying you’re sorry when you are wrong. 
  • Forgiving someone when they’ve offended you. 
  • Smiling at a stranger who’s having a hard day.

—These are all forms of intangible currencies that will make your life better as well as theirs. 

The ones who value money the most are the ones who have lost some. The balance is this: learn from the loss without developing a fear of losing. Fear begets more fear.

Your wealth does not take away from someone else’s. The biggest lie ever told is that for you to be wealthy someone else must be poor. 

Learn to be happy. Happiness is better than money. There is an optimal point to be happy about your money — too little, and you are poor. Too much, and you are paranoid. The real utility of money is having enough to enjoy the money you already have.

More wealth is stored up in your children, and the lessons you teach them, than any physical asset, metal, or business. To be wealthy where it matters — start at home. Spend time with your kids & don’t rush through it.

As an aside, more I am in business, the more I realize: professionals never underestimate the fundamentals. Here are some fundamentals that will help you, if you’re building a business:

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