Insecurity & Momentum

Here’s a list of everything I’m working on (and consequently the reason I’ve been posting less): 

  • Arena licensing for businesses and non-profits (we are moving quality mindset & self-development material into non-profits across the state of Louisiana; in addition, my certification “Belief Architecture” and Arena product suite is undergoing a rebrand for businesses to license for their brands)

  • Speaking, events, travel (a lot of this has opened up in the last few months; the calendar is booking out until the end of Q3 — if you run an event and want me to help you make it exceptional, let’s talk about it

  • My consulting firms are growing which is nice to see (I’ll share why that is in a moment) 

Let’s talk shop for a few minutes. 

The economy is in a real tight spot. That can be a good thing. 

Queue the ancient proverb responsible for most of the self-development training of the 20th century: “Not everything bad has come to hurt us.” There are huge opportunities in moments of crisis. We have to develop the acuity to see them, and the stability to act on them. 

At a certain level, the mind gets what the mind looks for. When you crack open the materials for some of my most expensive (and comprehensive) events, you usually see this being trained at the core concept of it all: “how do we program the things we want to see, at the ‘design level,’ that naturally creates itself in the physical?”

Taking it from metaphysical to physical is a product of (a) thought, (b) language and (c) action. That sounds simple enough… but trust me, you can go as deep as you care to on it and the deeper you go the faster you go. It is a daily habit to build positive expectation loops into your life. 

Here is an example of how to do that:

Stability requires you to expect something good even when it might look really bad. 

Acuity requires you invest into your intelligence, understanding & processing-power.

I’ve found that the higher I go, the less I deal with basic “insecurity,” but when I do actually deal with it, the more potent it is. 

Here’s an example: 

I have an amazing friend. He is crushing everything. I love talking to this person because it just makes me realize how much is “out there.” There are no limits on any of us. We can do anything. It’s all a choice. Blah blah blah… 

But then, comparison will kick in. 

  • “Am I ‘on pace?’” Whatever that even means 
  • “Is he doing something better than I am? I don’t feel as happy as he does.”
  • “Why does it feel like I am behind him, financially?” 
  • “Man I would love to have momentum like that right now…”

And this is a dangerous, dangerous, very slippery slope. 

I actually brought it up one time and he said, “That’s the same way I feel about you! You’re crushing it!” 

Here is the reality: we see only the upside in other people when comparing to our accomplishments… we see the downside in other people when trying to justify our own behavior. The brain finds what the brain is looking for. 

The real picture is a much more confusing mess of progress that is paid for daily. My friend has paid the daily price for many years. So have I. 

Insecurity comes from the lack of awareness in our own progress. 

“Everyone has a time when they lose confidence and doubts their abilities, especially in adversity. But people who really understand the art of action can overcome it with strong perseverance. They will tell themselves that everyone has failures, and when they fail miserably, they will tell themselves no matter how much preparation they have made and how long they think before they do it, will inevitably make mistakes.”

John D. Rockefeller

Nothing derails momentum like not believing in yourself

Self-esteem is just a container for personal value perception. The people with the biggest containers can hold the highest self-esteem. The way you expand the container is by doing things that expand the container — and to do that, there has to be “risk” that you will fail. 

So I say go for it. 

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