How to build a formidable reputation

Your reputation is 24/7. 

It never stops, never sleeps… always talking. 

Your reputation walks into a room before you do and stays long after you’ve gone home. 

good reputation will apply leverage to everything you try to do. This makes it easier to climb higher, faster, and stay there longer. 

bad reputation applies downward force and resistance against you. 

Your reputation is an asset that is built and spent daily.

The job is simple:

Ensure deposits are greater than withdrawals.

I’ve seen people sell their reputations for a pretty penny and regret it later. Oh, you didn’t know you could do that? 

You can. 

But once you lose it, it’s twice as hard to get it back and sometimes will take twice as long. 

There are two layers of your reputation:

  • Layer 2: what other people think about you 
  • Layer 1: what you think about yourself 

In business, layer 2 is more important. 

In life, layer 1 is more important.

Actually, all of layer 2 comes from layer 1, so if you had to focus on just one — I’d recommend layer 1. When you are proud of yourself, who you are, and who you’re becoming — you can rally and DO THE WORK to fix layer 2. 

The mark of a great leader, trend setter, and influencer is not how much money they make. Rather, it is the duration (aka length) of time they are regarded as someone worthy of influence.

Do better work, for longer than other people, and you win. 

Financial leverage is great… 

Operational leverage is better. 

Reputation leverage is the best kind of leverage. 

You get reputation leverage when you’ve been consistently doing what you said you’d be doing for long enough that people just believe you. 

This is the way. 

It’s easy to ignore, and most people do — because it’s easy to ignore. But the things that work well, are most often, easy to ignore. They’re easy to do, easy not to do — and the folks at the top stack them up over years and years. 

Winning is easy. 

Winning for 10 years is a bit trickier. 

Winning for 20 years is hard.

Winning for 30 years makes you a legend. 

You have to have a good reputation to do that… 



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