Geometric Expansion

What you are labeling as “overwhelm” is really your capacity expanding geometrically.

We each have callings that require equipping.

It goes like this:

A price is extracted, and the deliverable is an authority that you didn’t know you had before.

You will need this authority.

People follow leaders who understand what it’s like to fight the real battles. Heroes are born in fire.


The power of your message is going to be directly correlated to the depth of your feeling.

You can only run away for so long before your calling chooses another. Sometimes the only thing required to show yourself worthy of it is to lean IN instead of away…

To feel the things you’re afraid to feel.

And to steward the variables well.

As someone familiar with both the pain of loss and the thrill of winning I will remind you — oftentimes they are one and the same.

A life without struggle is a dull life without power.

Time to rise.

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