Dark days and giving up

I have good news for you.

If you feel like you've gotten the sh*t beaten out of you this year — you are in great company.

Yesterday a business owner friend calls me. He is very “successful,” whatever that means.

  • Famous
  • Rich
  • Easy to follow


He says, “Man, good to catch up. This has been the worst year… feels like I got reset and humbled.”

My response?

“Tell me about it!”

There are years of plenty and years of shortage.

There was a man named Joseph in a country called Egypt thousands of years ago. His king had a prophetic vision, that there would be 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine. His advantage?


Most of us, though, are too busy to get proper forsight.

The signs are there, but we cannot see them.

My friend and I talked for an hour and came with a plan. It's a nice plan for you, too — maybe you can model me. Here it is: keep going…

I know, super complex.

The gnitty gritty of the situation is this: you can't die. You can only keep going.

The cyclicity of life is an amazing gift.

  • All winters turn to spring
  • All summers cool down into winter
  • Good days often have bad days after them
  • Bad days are usually followed by good days

If something isn't hard then other things cannot be easy.

Two things I want you to do from this, and both of them will cost you nothing.

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