Control Theory (And Dealing With Risk)

A few months ago, I sat down with a good friend in Dana Point, California.

This was a “repeat” episode — the first one happened right after I signed away my first company. I talked about the ins and outs of that decision, and we discussed how easy it is to build a life you hate.

You can listen to the first episode using the links below:

On my second trip, we talked about the ramifications of the first trip and everything that ensued as a result. This episode is packed with random antidotes & stories that are guaranteed to change how you look at yourself and your business.

You can listen to the whole episode or subscribe on the podcasts page.

Note About Control

In the episode I talk a lot about “control.” I’ve developed a unique philosophy around control that goes like this:

Control everything by controlling your responses to everything.

It is not possible to control (literally) everything — it is only possible to control your thoughts, your activities, and the “meaning” you derive from situations. When someone derives healthy, empowering meaning, they control more.

When a person gets this — they tap into an alternate reality: one which THEY can control. Unfortunately, many people dismiss the idea out of ignorance. We are taught a set of rules as we grow up that constrain & limit us. When we feel limited, we often end up making poor decisions or — worse — no decisions.

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